From the combined years of experience, ours, our mentors and the sages, we know transformative value doesn’t come from an add on program but from experiences of alignment- an organisation practicing what it preaches, acting in sync with its deepest purpose and values. We know the Restorative Practice Framework will only reach its full potential when it is embedded in our communities, organisations and systems so much so that it’s become a part of their DNA. BUT that doesn’t happen by accident. It is a journey to get there. We love the way this graphic captures that…

Having worked within a Youth Work organisation to lead that journey, we have developed a unique approach to organisational change that we are keen to share.

Our supported organisational change can involve:

– Implementation practice sessions
– Development or update of organisational practice manuals
– Development or update of organisational policies and procedures
– Professional supervision

We also offer Restorative Practice conversation facilitation for specific organisational, staff or other relational issues.

While we can offer a menu of options like this the important thing is that TOGETHER we look at where you or your organisation or community are at and tailor a journey that will support you to move towards where you want to be, living out your deepest purpose and values.

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